Applied Business Analytics

Applied Business Analytics

Objectives of the course:

To give participants a working knowledge of the ‘Linear Regression’ procedure which is a widely used statistical technique in the industry for purposes of predictive analytics, making informed (data backed) business decisions, optimizing business processes and gaining new insights from data.

The topic would be introduced and applied to various application settings. We will walk through the entire process of discerning a ‘need’ for such a procedure to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of applying it and then ‘managerially interpreting’ the results to gain business insights.

At the end of the course participants should be comfortable in applying these techniques in their business environments.


A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel

A basic introduction to business statistics

Further details on the Course

  • The software used in the course will be a windows version of Microsoft Excel.
  • The stress throughout the course will be on ‘application’ rather than detailed ‘math’ behind the Regression procedure.
  • Various examples will be worked out in class. The datasets will be available so that participants can follow along with the instructor

Course Brochure Applied_Business_Analytics