LAN for Development

Renewed Public Sector Charge, Social Justice, Results

LAN for Development is an initiative that aims to improve the overall effectiveness of international, national and sub-national organizations in achieving their long-term strategic goals.

LAN for Development’s overarching objective is to enhance the capacity of organizations through technical support and capacity development activities training, consulting, and building a strong network of organizations that help and support each other to mobilize their resources with the common goal of uplifting their communities.

LAN operates at the intersectionality of the private and the not-for-profit sectors, and through its efforts to enhance learning through cross-fertilization, aims to transfer innovations and knowledge from the private to the non-government sectors and vice versa. For example, LAN has been keen to instill among NGOs awareness of the concepts of organizational learning as practiced by the corporate world. Knowledge management implemented in the corporate sector, holds the promise of helping NGOs solve the problems of organizational amnesia by using information and communication technology. Similarly, NGOs can learn the elements of the market-based approaches to financing from the private sector. Conversely, LAN also aims to help the corporates learn to engage and manage businesses along a spectrum of advocacy, dialogue and cooperation towards greater social good as practiced by effective not-for-profits.

In the light of the above, LAN collaborates with globally and regionally renowned institutions to bring the highest quality of learning and development to Nepal, South Asia and East Africa. By doing so, LAN aspires to become the gold standard as a high-skilled capacity development platform.

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