LAN Digital

Learning Turned Upside-Down

LAN-D is a ‘flagship’ initiative of LAN that highlights the importance of local learning content by world class local scholars and practitioners for local and global use. LAN-D will help to curate such content using world class tools and applications. It is a one-stop shop for the creators and users of local content related to local society, history, economy, public policy, management, and science and technology. The value added of this platform is that content created at the local level is:

  • highly pertinent and useful not just for local college/ university students, but also for those outside of the region who wish to learn the local content prior to their travels or investments in the region
  • not available elsewhere at universities or global online platforms that customarily offer ‘globally relevant’ content for an average ‘global’ learner, not locally relevant content for local learners
  • useful when enrolling into colleges and universities that will accept LAN-D credit courses that will be offered in collaboration with local and regional universities. LAN is working to build a blockchain ledger and network of universities in Asia and elsewhere that will be part of a consortium that will accept the credits of the LAN-D platform, thereby eliminating all the cumbersome paperwork required for credit transfers between colleges and universities
  • it is highly economical as the per-credit cost for the courses will be significantly less than the rate paid at the colleges and universities

LAN – D is under the design and development stage and expected to be launched by end June, 2023.

For more information on LAN-D please contact Arun R. Joshi (CEO) at