Living Mindfully in Uncertain Times

Admin     Posted On: 11 Apr, 2020

Enhance your personal wisdom, knowledge and skills to live mindfully during uncertain times with Ravi Pradhan

Ravi Pradhan is a Senior Faculty at LAN. He brings over 30 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, organizational consultant, executive coach, and social-change agent. He has coached managers and leaders throughout the U.S., Africa, and Asia on how to improve personal performance, manage teams, and collaborate with stakeholders.

He founded Karuna Management in Nepal in 1992 and has been instrumental in introducing innovative methodologies such as the whole system training programs, Appreciative Inquiry, small group and individual coaching, and training based on the Kolb/Mumford learning cycle.

His unique strength lies in skillfully weaving from the East and West key principles, practicesand skills.








In his professional and personal life, he has been operating at the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures and work environments, transformational approaches, meditative practices and science of the mind.

His writings have been published in various publications globally. Ravi holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Delhi University, India.


  1. enhance productivity, performance, and career
  2. enrich motivation & morale and reduce stress
  3. increase engagement with your team and family

The course will teach you to

  1. improve personal and professional effectiveness by focusing on the ‘present moment’
  2. respond with clarity and focus during unpredictable and stressful circumstances
  3. tolerate ambiguity, learn to recognize and accept uncertainty during decision making
  4. develop the art of active listening with appreciation and empathy
  5. manage priorities and stay task-focused
  6. expand emotional intelligence capabilities and team building competencies

We cannot ignore the direct impact of the COVID19 pandemic on our health, economy, jobs and general wellbeing. It is important not to react out of ignorance, fear, pretense and denial. Therefore, it is vital that we stay grounded - mentally, emotionally and physically - so that we can respond skillfully and wisely during these stressful times.

Over the four online sessions of 1.5 hours each, you will engage in the following topics using proven learning methodologies to turn concepts into practical knowledge and concrete solutions you can walk away with

SESSIONS (Over Two Weeks)

Day 1: Learn the importance and methods of staying grounded in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.

Day 2: Sustain your individual creative problem-solving skills and maintain a high level of performance – both at work and in personal life. Prepare for changes in the job market.

Day 3: Build up self-resilience. Help teams, family, and friends to better respond to uncertainty.

Day 4: Learn to re-energize yourself now and in the future

Additional exercises
Over the course of two weeks, in between each session, we urge you to study, practice in your homes and if possible, in small learning groups. This is an essential part of the learning process in transforming information and knowledge into practical know-how and wisdom.

Discounted Price NRs.5,750.00 for the entire course for participants from Nepal and US$ 50.00 for participants registering from outside Nepal (inclusive of Taxes).

LAN Certificates will be issued to those who participate in all four sessions.

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