LAN and Rice University Launch Global Learning Elective in Nepal (GLE Nepal)

31 December, 2019 Tuesday 8:45 PM


Rice MBA students visiting in late December for a 10 days study visit

GLE Nepal Program Objective: Introduce Rice MBA students to Nepal in general and to the positive social entrepreneurial spirit of its people in particular.

Context: Nepal is an idyllic country steeped in long history with highly evolved socio-cultural and religious traditions, and terrain extending from the plains to the highest mountains in the world. Nepal is beset with numerous development challenges; recently aggravated by the Gorkha earthquake of April 2015.

GLE Program Description: The 10 days study visit to Nepal will offer students a transformative experience in the sphere of development in general and the social entrepreneurship space in particular.

Students will be exposed to the dynamic economy, history, culture/society and religion, with a special focus on the challenges and opportunities created by the 2015 earthquake. Students will visit some of the most picturesque parts of Nepal during their study tour, ensuring a deep understanding of this mountain country, its people, and its challenges. They will also interact with game changers, disruptors/influencers, social entrepreneurs, government officials and funding partners to better understand their aspirations, initiatives, and impact.

Expected Outcomes: To build a better understanding of the development challenges faced by Nepal, a developing country, as well as its aspirations and opportunities for engagement. We expect the transformative experience will bring students back repeatedly for recreation as well as work and investments in the future.