Marketing in the New Normal

Course description –

The course is designed to provide participants a thorough understanding of how to develop, modify and evaluate a sound marketing strategy in a highly volatile and dynamic business environment. While business challenges (in our case, the impacts of the pandemic) are inevitable, following a well-structured marketing strategy, as laid out in this course, will help avoid many of the pitfalls that can lead to business failure.

The course will teach participants a framework for building a marketing strategy and guide them through each step in the development process. In so doing, it will enable them to apply the marketing strategy principles to any business, whether in the B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) world, not-for-profit enterprise or business start-up. During the course, participants will learn such important things as how to make a marketing program sustainable; where branding fits within the marketing strategy; which critical strategy element is incorrectly applied by up to 90% of B2B companies according to customers; and where the relatively new social and digital media fit within today's marketing strategies.

Takeaways – In a rapidly changing world, understand how to develop and follow a sound marketing strategy for businesses, recognize when and how it should change, and learn some of the metrics to measure its effectiveness.

Award Winning Rice Faculty

“Marketing in the New Normal Program” faculty is an award winning professor who teaches the MBA and EMBA programs at Rice Business and has extensive business consulting and research experiences.

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