Digital marketing

The course is designed to provide participants with insights about digital marketing, its use, market prospect, demand and expectations. By the end of the course, participants will be able to create and implement successful content marketing strategy that would work best in digital media through media planning and social media marketing.

The course will teach participants a framework for building a digital marketing strategy and guide them through the stages in the development process. In so doing, participants will be able to read the data points, what they mean and what actions need to be taken based on those reports and will be able to understand the different kinds of media, their existence and how to use them  properly to reach out to a more diverse audience.The sessions will provide basic overview of how advertisements are run and the potential for running them more effectively.

Participants will be able to understand the legalities of running a digital business in Nepal. They will know what to do and what not to do at the end of this course. They will be able to create a digital media canvas for any brand and implement the activities mentioned in the canvas. Sample content for the campaign will also be created. This will be created for a real brand and presentation will be done. Participants will be able to present a complete digital marketing strategy to stakeholders in an actual environment.

• Evolution of marketing to quantum marketing
• Understanding digital media and its introduction
• Digital media canvas preparation
• Basics of content marketing
• Basics of digital media advertising
• Local case studies and analysis
• Digital media activities
• Materials useful for future
• Digital Media Quiz
• Group presentation and feedback
• Best practices and tips
• Prize distribution and event conclusion