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Nepal’s education system lags behind in quality and produces large numbers of students without core technical and soft skills required for higher level jobs. Businesses, both national and international, have complained extensively about the poor qualifications of youth. The banking sector and export-oriented industries have been repeatedly raising concern over the lack of suitable and qualified human resources, which in turn is affecting growth and jobs creation....

Rice MBA Students Global Learning Elective

Eighteen Rice University MBA students visited Nepal in late December 2019 for a 10 days visit as part of their Global Learning Elective (GLE). The objective of the Rice-GLE is to introduce students to Nepal in general and to the positive social entrepreneurial spirit of its people in particular.

Nepal is an idyllic country steeped in long history with highly evolved socio-cultural and religious traditions, and terrain extending from the plains to the highest mountains in the world. Nepal is beset with numerous development challenges; recently aggravated by the Gorkha earthquake of...

High quality education and training

We use most modern technologies, pedagogy and top tier education resources for providing high quality education and training.

Productive and responsible leaders

We generate highly effective, productive and socially responsible leaders with our expert faculty from Rice and local facilitation, pertinent business cases & practical learning.

Counselling, job fairs and linkages

We also counsel our graduates, host job fairs and provide linkages to our graduates with top managers in business.



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